Air Conditioning Repair

Have you been driving around in the hot summer sun with the windows down and the fan blowing at full throttle and you still can’t get cool? Or, have you been stuck driving around with your winter coat on because your car won’t pump out hot air? Well, you may need service on your air conditioning, but have no fear, All Auto is here to help!

At All Auto, we know that Denver Colorado is a great place to work and play year round, but we also know that your vehicle has to deal with keeping you comfortable all year long. Without a working a/c and heat, you may be sweating in your seat in the summer and scraping icicles off your steering wheel in the winter! Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when they are driving and we don’t wish that on anybody. Our trained technicians will help you feel right at home in your car again!

How does my car air conditioning work?

Your car air conditioner is made up of a number of components. Each component serves a different purpose in keeping your temperature regulated and comfortable. If you have a failure of any of these components the temperature cannot be controlled to your desired level. At All Auto, we will diagnose and repair your heating and cooling system. The main components that can fail in this system are:

• Heater Core
• Heater Hoses
• Blower Motor
• Condenser
• A/C Compressor
• Evaporator
• A/C System Recharge
• Computerized A/C Control Module

Nobody likes to suffer through a hot summer without A/C and the same goes for a winter without any heat. By taking proper care of your automobile at All Auto, we will make sure your vehicle becomes a comfortable space for whatever weather you drive in! Contact us today and we will be happy to make your drive comfortable again!