Car Battery Service


If you have never had to deal with a dead battery on your vehicle consider yourself lucky. A dead battery is one of the most common reasons why we cannot get our car started. Many times your car battery will just have a low charge and it can be jumped back to life with a jump box or jumper cables but if the battery is at or nearing the end of its useful life, the battery will need to be replaced. At All Auto, we will test the charge on your battery to see if the battery needs replacement. In some cases, it may not be the battery that is the issue as it may be another part of the electrical starting system like the starter, alternator, or solenoid. See our information on these components here.

How do you know if you have an issue with your car battery? Here are a few symptoms to be aware of:

• The engine turns over slowly – sounds like a slow chug or roar when turning the ignition switch.
• There may be a buildup of corrosion or powder like gunk flowing out of the battery top.
• It may have been a long time since your last replacement.
• Some components no longer work. Sometimes your cruise control will not engage with a low battery, or other components seem to not operate any longer.
• Check engine light may illuminate

What can cause a low charge on your battery? Here are a few ways a battery can lose charge:

• Weather – with extreme cold or hot weather, you battery may wear out faster than in climates that are more temperate.
• Bad alternator – the alternator may need to be replaced. It is used to recharge the battery while the engine is running.
• Faulty wire or ground – if the connections are not on properly it can prevent the battery from getting recharged by the alternator while the engine is running.
• Electrical draw – If an interior light is left on or there is some other system pulling energy from the battery while the car is not running it can cause an abnormal draw of energy from the battery.

If you experience any of the symptoms above and want a fair and honest evaluation of your car battery and electrical system, come down to All Auto and let our experts diagnose your vehicle. Don’t let your car leave you stranded! With our busy lives, we cannot afford to miss time with work, family, or friends. At All Auto we will quickly get your battery recharged, repaired or replaced to get you back in the driver’s seat of your life!