Fuel Injection Repair


What is a Fuel Injector?

When you fill up your car with gasoline, it is pumped into the gas tank and is in the form of a liquid. This liquid gasoline is then pumped from the gas tank through the fuel lines to the fuel rail and then through the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors are designed to inject fuel into your car’s cylinders where the fuel is ignited with the spark plugs to cause a small explosion to move the pistons in the cylinders. To make it easier to ignite the fuel, the fuel injectors transform the liquid fuel into a fine mist or spray when it enters the cylinder. When a fuel injector is not functioning properly problems in the cylinder will occur.
Each vehicle will have a different number of fuel injectors. The number of injectors in your vehicle is the same as the number of cylinders in your engine. (For example, a six cylinder engine will have six fuel injectors.) If one of these injectors is not performing the same as the others, you may lose the power from that cylinder and your vehicle will not run smoothly. A number of symptoms may indicate you need to replace your fuel injector.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace a Fuel Injector?

• Check engine light is illuminated
• Engine misfires
• Poor gas mileage
• Fuel leak
• Smell of gasoline

Why is it important?

If your injector is malfunctioning, it will put stress on your engine and cause the engine to work harder. With stress, it is often followed by failure in other parts of the engine. Make sure you have the expert mechanics at All Auto diagnose your fuel injectors to see if there is a problem. Many vehicles on the road today have experienced or will experience injector issues so to keep your car running smoothly, have the injectors checked regularly for proper function.