Fuel Systems

Your fuel system is important to keep in good working order to keep your car running efficiently. The fuel system is comprised of the following components:

• Fuel Tank
• Fuel Pump
• Fuel Filter
• Fuel Injectors and sensors
• Fuel Lines

Almost every vehicle that uses gasoline has a fuel injection system. A fuel injection system uses a high pressure pump to feed fuel to the engine. In route to the engine, there is a fuel filter that filters out impurities and debris from getting into your engine. From there, the fuel is sent to the fuel injectors to feed the cylinders of each piston with combustible fuel. Injectors are computer controlled to add the correct amount of fuel for the amount of air the engine is pulling in. Although gasoline is refined and purified by the oil companies, impurities can be present in the fuel system due to heat, pressure, corrosion, and normal wear and tear. These impurities will build up over time in the pump, filters, regulator, and fuel lines. This can lead to clogging or restrictions in the fuel filter, and uneven flow through your fuel system and injectors. With restrictions in the fuel system there will be increased stress on the fuel pump and injectors which can lead to poor engine performance and/or eventual failure. Also, if your fuel pressure is affected by clogs or restrictions in your system, it can make it difficult for your engine’s computer to inject the correct amount of fuel. As a result, dirty or damaged fuel injectors won’t flow properly which can cause lean conditions and an inefficient burn in your cylinders.

Possible symptoms of a fuel system issue:

• rough idle
• poor fuel mileage
• possible engine misfires.

In order to keep a dirty fuel system from affecting your vehicle, you should perform a fuel system service on your vehicle regularly. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to avoiding higher costs of repair or replacement of part along the fuel system.

If you do think you may have a problem with your fuel system, let the experts at All Auto diagnose your vehicle. We will make sure we find the problem and get your car running smoothly and efficiently as soon as possible!