Instrument Cluster Repair

instrument cluster

What is an instrument cluster?

An instrument cluster is the collection of gauges, dials and lights right above the steering wheel that tell you what’s going on in your vehicle. The function of the instrument cluster is to keep the driver informed with the most current information as they drive. There are two types of functions within an instrument cluster. Gauges provide information for speed, temperature, fuel level, RPMs and distance. Indicator lights are provided to warn drivers of potential problems like the check engine light or low fuel. It is important to have all of these gauges and indicator lights working properly or it could lead to unintended bad consequences.


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• Faulty or broken speedometer
• Sticky gauges
• Dimmer not functioning
• Out of calibration or not accurate
• Pointer broken or hangs
• Screen cracked
• Odometer broken
• Indicator light on but no problem
• Indicator lights do not come on at start