Oil Change, Lube & Filter


If your car, truck or SUV needs an oil change, including lube and filter, And if your vehicle is ready for its 60k, 90k or 100k check-up, we are Denver’s one-stop shop for all factory scheduled maintenance.

We know it’s easy to lose track of how many miles it has been since your last oil change. You’re likely busy at work, busy with the kids or busy getting up into the mountains to have fun. But regular oil changes at the right time are important. In fact, an oil change is vital to the life of your car.

For your engine to run smoothly, it needs oil. After so many miles, your engine oil starts to break down. When that happens, you get sludge build-up, which can harm your engine and reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. And if you let it go long enough, you’ll end up with a clogged engine. As you can probably imagine, engine repairs or even replacement cost far more than oil changes.

Whether it’s been 3,000 to 5,000 miles and your car is due for oil, lube and filter – or you’re hitting the mark for 60k, 90k, and 100k services, All Auto will take excellent care of your vehicle.

Luckily, getting your oil changed is one of the least expensive auto maintenance services your car needs. Despite it being relatively inexpensive, having your oil changed regularly and on schedule plays a critical role in preserving your vehicle and saving you money.

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps the many components of the engine working efficiently, and it helps reduce the accumulation of varnish and carbon from collecting on the engine. As you’re aware, the engine can get very hot from the thousands of small explosions taking place every minute; oil helps pull the heat away from the combustion chamber essentially preventing the engine from blowing up. As oil collects heat, varnish and carbons during the course of protecting and keeping the engine running smoothly, it eventually becomes less like liquid and more like sludge. No matter how good the oil is, eventually it degrades as the additives get used up. That’s when you should have your oil changed.

How often and what kind of oil should be used? It will depend on the type of oil you choose to use, what kind of car, and how often you drive. This is where your owner’s manual will come in handy. The old adage suggests every 3 months or 3,000 miles. The amount of mileage you drive is more important than the amount of time. You may go on a road trip and burn through a few thousand miles in a few weeks, or it may take five months before you reach the recommended mileage. Pay attention to the odometer and how you’ve been driving your vehicle. Driving in extreme weather or towing a lot of weight behind your car will affect your oil too.

If you don’t think you have the time or money to get your oil changed and you choose to wait, eventually the oil will get worse and worse, becoming more like sludge and clog your engine. Engines are expensive to clean, and replacing a worn-out piston is not an auto repair bill you want to receive. Bottom line: It’s worth the time and minimal cost of maintenance.