Power Switches – Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Power Seats


Power Switches – Power Window Repair, Power Locks Repair, Power Mirror Repair, Power Seat Repair, Ignition Switch Repair, Turn Signal Switch Repair, Windshield Wiper Switch Repair

Power Switches are some of the best parts of driving a car. You feel in complete control over the windows, the door locks, power mirrors, and seat. It is part of feeling like you are in the command center of a complex machine. But, what happens when the power switches no longer obey your commands? It is time to have your power switched serviced or replaced.

These days, most cars are full of power switches. Most of the time these switches are taken for granted until one of them does not work. And, as convenient as they are, they often break and need to be fixed or replaced. Here is a list of the most common types of power switches on automobiles today:

• Power window switch
• Power door lock switch
• Power mirror switch
• Power seat switch
• Power tailgate
• Power sliding door (usually on vans)
• Interior light switch
• Exterior light switch (pick-up trucks)
• Power memory seat
• Heated seat switch
• Cooling seat switch
• Ignition switch
• A/C switch
• HVAC Heater control switch
• Headlight switch
• Turn signal switch
• Windshield wiper switch
• Trunk release switch
• Hood release switch
• Fuel door release switch
• Four wheel drive selector switch
• Sunroof switch
• Convertible top operation switch
• Pedal adjustment switch

As you can see, there are many types of power switches that can exist on your automobile. There is nothing more aggravating than to have widows that won’t roll down or a trunk release that won’t pop. We often overlook simple switches when they are working properly, and lose our minds when there is a problem! Let the experts at All Auto be your one stop shop for all your service needs. We often beat the prices of the big box franchise dealerships and can usually get parts for same-day service. Next time you have a power switch go out, save some time and bring your car to Denver’s best auto mechanics at All Auto!