Scheduled Maintenance

Every car manufacturer has scheduled maintenance calculated into their owner’s manual to keep their cars operating at optimal performance throughout the life of the car. At All Auto Inc. we can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs without voiding your factory or extended warranty!

Scheduled maintenance is something that’s often ignored and overlooked by many car owners, but just like an annual check-up at your doctor, it can be a life saver to find potential problems on your vehicle. We all know that repairs are much more expensive when there is a breakdown of mechanical parts and one thing can lead to a problem somewhere else. By sticking to the scheduled maintenance you can prevent future problems and money in future repairs. Did you know, many warranties require scheduled maintenance appointments in order to remain valid? Most people overlook the fine print and at All Auto Inc. we try to stay one step ahead of the game and having an auto repair shop that understands what is required for your specific vehicle is the key to having a long lasting and dependable vehicle. To keep up with schedules, and to have documented proof is important for your future life of your car should you have a warranty claim. All of our maintenance is reported to Carfax so you know there will be a record of maintenance for your specific vehicle (great records also help when reselling your car!).

Why All Auto Inc. for your Scheduled Maintenance?

Save money, save time, and save the hassle of looking for a repair shop every time you need service! We have been building strong relationships in the Denver Metro Area for the past 10 years and we plan to continue to build strong relationships for years to come!